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The open world adventure game Ghost of Tsushima is one of the most hotly anticipated PS4 exclusives. However, fans could be waiting a long time for Ghost of Tsushima‘s release date.

That’s according to a new job listing posted to the Sucker Punch website and on games industry job boards. The Ghost of Tsushima developer is looking for a narrative writer who will “help create engaging narrative content for our upcoming project.” The hired candidate will be working on “story development, game dialogue, and general narrative contribution.” They will also be working closely with other content designers to write missions for the game.

Sucker Punch is also looking to hire a junior lighting artist for the game. This artist would work on “creating engaging, visually stunning locations,” they would review and debug environment lighting issues, and look at the “placement and refinement of diffuse probes within towns and locations in the game world.” Looking at the Ghost of Tsushima gameplay trailer that debuted at E3 2018, some would argue that the game looks great now and doesn’t need much help in the art and lighting department.

Sucker Punch’s new project appears to be a massive game, and the developer wants to make sure that Ghost of Tsushima‘s 13th century Japanese historical roots are portrayed properly. So, it makes sense that there would be such a huge development team behind the title. However, some fans are wondering if this means that the game is further away from releasing than initially expected.

Ghost of Tsushima release date leak

Ghost of Tsushima was announced back at Paris Games Week 2017, and many expected that the game’s story would have been completed by now. There’s also the possibility that the narrative writer is being brought on to work on Ghost of Tsushima story DLC, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

With so much mud in the water about when the game is releasing, fans will undoubtedly want Sucker Punch and Sony to announce the release date sooner rather than later. Release date leaks from retailers have only added to this confusion, and fans want to know exactly when they can expect to play the game. Hopefully, an official announcement about the game’s launch will come soon.

Ghost of Tsushima is currently in development for PS4.

Source: Sucker Punch Productions (via SegmentNext)

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