Now It Looks Like Gearbox is Teasing Borderlands 2 for Switch

Gearbox is not lacking for stuff to show off at PAX East.

Whatever else happens at PAX East 2019, it’s going to be a huge show for Gearbox. The Borderlands studio broke out yet another teaser for a game announcement earlier today on Twitter. We suspect everyone over there is all packed for the show and ready to go, like kids waiting on their vacation to Disneyland (“Come on! Come onnnn!”).

The latest teaser features a vague image. Do not adjust your computer monitors: The image is purposefully rasterized for your inconvenience.

The second the image hit Twitter, the internet got on its feet and started sleuthing at the speed of light. One Twitter user, “Zorklis,” determined the image is from Borderlands 2. What’s it mean? It might mean Gearbox has a Borderlands 2 port in the works for the Switch, since the game’s already available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. We won’t know for sure until Gearbox dishes at PAX East, though.

Gearbox dropped a teaser for another new game just the other day. That teaser also contains a single image, this time of an android-looking creature lying on a table covered by tubes and wires. And of course, Borderlands 3 is coming. Probably. Most likely. Maybe. Watch Gearbox pull the rug out from under us. It’ll be hilarious.

We’ll be at PAX East too, so count on us to tell you what Gearbox has planned. At this rate, we might as well station a 24-hour guard at the show so we can immediately break the news about Gearbox’s Borderlands Tiger Electronics game.

Disclosure: USG is owned by ReedPop, which runs PAX East.

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