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After more than a year of teasing the game, Niantic has finally told fans what they can expect from its next game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The RPG will be the first major release from Niantic since it launched Pokemon GO in the summer of July 2016, and fans are eager to get their hands on it.

Users of Android devices can visit the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite page on the Google Play store to pre-register for the game. They just need to click the big, green button that says “Pre-register” in order to do so. A message that pops up once players have hit the pre-register button explains that by doing so, they will get a notification “when the game is available for your device.” The pre-register button on the App Store (iOS) listing for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is not available, but it is expected to go live soon.

Officially, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite isn’t scheduled to release until this summer but the Google Play store page for the game also hints that a beta may be in the works. A message just above the Pre-register button reads “If you pre-register we may invite you to the early access program for the game.”

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Niantic has not announced anything concrete when it comes to early access or beta testing round, and the language does suggest that this is only a possibility. However, for the fans who have been waiting more than a year to play the game, that’s more than a good enough incentive to register their interest.

Today’s massive info drop from Niantic is very much welcomed by fans who have been sitting patiently. Niantic teased fans with brief promotional videos that hint at what spells players will be able to use and what magical events they will see, but that’s not a great deal. At least now, fans finally have a proper idea of what they’ll be doing once Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is released.

That’s not to say that there aren’t still some details that need to be revealed. Fans want to know which famous characters from the Harry Potter franchise will appear. Many also want Niantic to address the rumors that the game may temporarily be exclusive to Samsung devices. Summer is still a few months away, however, so the studio has time to share a lot more about its hotly anticipated title.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be released on Android and iOS devices in summer 2019.

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